Thursday, December 3, 2015


what am I waiting for?
I've asked that question all my life
it seems like I've done a lot in my years on earth
but there is so much more to do
what am I waiting for?

am I waiting for someone to ask me to do something?
am I waiting for better weather?
am I waiting for God to part the clouds and say, "It's time..."?

the answer is yes, that's what I'm waiting for

but I didn't wait the other day when I bought the coffee and scone
for the lady downtown on the sidewalk
I didn't wait for any of that when I called my client's mother
to talk about his job experience

sometimes I don't wait and things happen
it's good when things happen organically
I just feel like it's time to act
and the opportunity presents itself
or the opportunity presents itself
and I feel like acting

other times, though, I don't feel like it
that's when I want to teach myself to act
when I know I should but I don't feel like it.

What am I waiting for?
someone to pour the milk on my cereal?
someone to shake the salt on my fries?
someone to pass the ball to me?

"I've been waiting here for someone
to knock on my door
someone to come and ask me
what I've been waiting for

Now I don't been cryin'
but you know how hard I been tryin'
to keep my door open
waiting here 
in the sunshine
waiting for no one"

I wrote those lines 37 years ago
am I still waiting?
Yes, I am.

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